Acquiring Residency and Citizenship in Bulgaria and the EU

Bulgaria offers an attractive citizenship programme, offering residency or naturalisation to foreign nationals and their dependents under predefined conditions.

Investors may obtain temporary or permanent residency in Bulgaria, or indeed full Bulgarian citizenship, as a result of previous years of residence or significant investment made in the country. The programme does not require investors to reside in the country.

The investment track requires individuals to purchase government bonds, stocks, managed account deposits, intellectual property or certified investment projects of a minimum value of Lv 1,000,000. Purchasing government bonds for the purpose of citizenship is a particularly popular mode of obtaining investment in the country, as local legislation allows EU and foreign individuals to receive a full refund of their initial investment, including accrued interest, within two years. An additional fast track option is also available, for investors to secure their citizenship status in minimal time.

Since Bulgaria is a European Union member state, this status also offers individuals official EU naturalisation, making the programme particularly attractive to non-European investors who may benefit personally and professionally from unobstructed access within the Schengen area.

Among the many additional benefits of Bulgarian citizenship are the ability to take advantage of the country’s conditional tax exemption on international income, lowest EU tax residency, and attractive free-trade environment.

We offer our clients thorough guidance and practical support around:

  • Bulgarian residency or citizenship application submission to the local government
  • Preparing, collecting and submitting all accompanying documents required
  • Liaising between both parties until full completion of the process

Additionally, we support clients in supplementary professional services in Bulgaria, including but not limited to yacht and vessel registration under the Bulgarian flag.

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