Wyoming LLC

In 1977, the Wyoming Limited Liability Company Act was passed to provide limited liability protection to LLC members. According to the legislation, members of an LLC are not personally responsible or any business debts or liabilities which means that creditors will not be able to pursue their personal assets to pay off any business debts.

Key elements of Wyoming LLC include:

  • No state taxes
  • Strong asset protection and limited liability
  • Members nor Managers are not listed with the state
  • No citizenship requirements
  • Transferability of ownership

Our basic service includes:

LLC formation at the cost of USD 580

  • Provision of corporate kit
  • Provision of registered office/address for one year
  • Provision of company rubber stamp

Company renewal at the cost of USD 400

  • Provision of registered office/address for one year
  • Payment of annual state filing fees
  • Filing of annual report

For any additional information you may require, please contact us at corporate@maks-solutions.com