The Seychelles International Business Company is based on Bahamas and British Virgin Islands model, it is tax-free corporation, designed for use in all forms of international trading and investment activities.

An IBC cannot trade within Seychelles, or own real estate there.

A Seychelles IBC is commonly used asset protection vehicle, import-export activities, commercial transactions and international trading transactions, consultancy and/or personal services business entity.

Key elements of a Seychelles IBC include:

  • Zero taxes
  • No reporting requirements.
  • Nominee directors and shareholders are permitted
  • Unparallel privacy. There is no public records of directors, shareholders and beneficial owners

Our basic service includes:

Company formation at the cost of USD 750

  • Company formation and provision of full corporate set
  • Apostilled set of your LLC documents
  • Registered agent service for one year

Company renewal at the cost of USD 590

  • Provision of registered office for one year
  • Payment of government license fee

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