Delaware LLC

A Delaware LLC is a unique non-taxable offshore corporate structure, frequently used for conducting international business outside of the United States. A Delaware LLC does not pay US taxes, unless activity is handled in Delaware, can be owed by non-US residents/citizens. A Delaware LLC also has excellent asset protection features.

Key elements of a Delaware LLC include:

  • A creditor of the owner of a Delaware LLC cannot seize the assets of the LLC
  • There is unmatched contractual flexibility with a Delaware LLC. Delaware state law provides rules only on matters on which the members have failed to agree. This is known as ‘Freedom of contract’ and nowhere is it stronger than in Delaware
  • Personal liability is limited for owners and managers to the amount of their investment in the company, just like a corporation
  • Non-US owners of a Delaware LLC with no US source of income pay no US taxes whatsoever.

Our basic service includes:

Company formation at the cost of USD 890

  • Compliance kit & seal includes the tools needed to make keeping your company compliant with state-imposed rules and regulations easy.
  • Apostilled set of your LLC documents
  • Registered agent service for one year

Company renewal at the cost of USD 590

  • Provision of registered office for one year
  • Payment of government license fee

NOTE: The company must be renewed by 31st May every year, irrelevant of the date of incorporation

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