Belize Company Formation

Belize IBC is a private company established under the Belize International Business Companies Act. Belize is widely renowned for its growing financial offshore system, and amongst the most advanced and user-friendly IBC legislation. This type of company allows offshore investors to engage in a diversity of activities with regards to asset protection, opening bank accounts, and many other international commercial transactions.

Key elements of a Belize IBC include:

  • Exemption from all kinds of taxes as long as it is tax resident outside of Belize
  • No requirements for filing financial statements or tax returns
  • Absence of exchange control for Belize IBCs conducting business outside of Belize
  • No public records of company directors, shareholders and beneficial owners
  • Suitable vehicle for multi purposes: entrepreneurs, traders, e-commerce, consultants, etc.

Our basic service includes:

Company formation at the cost of USD 650

  • Company formation
  • Provision of original corporate kit
  • Provision of registered office for one year

Company renewal at the cost of USD 580

  • Provision of registered office for one year
  • Payment of annual government fee

NOTE: The company must be renewed by 31st December every year, irrelevant of the date of incorporation

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